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Lovely food thank you to the chefs well managed thank you to the deliver drivers who always deliver hot food 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Paul Merry , 15 Feb 2020

look forward to the weekend to enjoy a curry from the Vale curry house. really enjoy the curry's. thanks lads.

Richard, 15 Feb 2020

Great food

Susan, 15 Feb 2020

Needs a wider delivery service

Carl, 14 Feb 2020

Nice meal and arrived on time but the lime chutney was missing from the order

Kevin, 14 Feb 2020

Best takeaway i have used period

Matt, 13 Feb 2020

Good Food and a good quality service.

Dan, 09 Feb 2020

Lovely food but very slow delivery...

Yvette, 08 Feb 2020

Best takeaway around.

Mandy, 08 Feb 2020

Used for the first time very pleased will use again.

Noname, 02 Feb 2020

Always a great curry

Chantelle, 31 Jan 2020

Beautiful food thank you and it’s nice you give us free mango sometimes loyalty is everything

Sharon, 31 Jan 2020

Always very high standard, good service

Kate, 26 Jan 2020

Very good curry's

Andrew, 18 Jan 2020

Lovely authentic curry . Best by far

Lee, 18 Jan 2020

Best Indian takeaway in Stoke-on-Trent

Neil, 18 Jan 2020

Absolutely fantastic food. Love it

Warren , 15 Jan 2020

Always a great meal and friendly front of house guy

Darryl, 11 Jan 2020

Great Curry!

Luke, 10 Jan 2020

best curry house around burlsem :) little more expensive than most, but worth it :)

Jase, 10 Jan 2020

Excellent service

Kim, 09 Jan 2020

Best curry house ever that's all I need say

Kerry, 05 Jan 2020

Fantastic food

Kevin, 05 Jan 2020

very, very nice food

Darren, 04 Jan 2020

The best around

Stephen, 02 Jan 2020

Always had a nice meal and delivered in the stated time

Kevin, 02 Jan 2020

This unfortunately is the worst curry we have ever had from you both dishes were tasteless

Kevin, 01 Jan 2020

  Reply : thank you leaving the feedback. please can you call and ask for Abdul so we can discuss and resolve.

Absolutely the best place for curry.

Mark, 01 Jan 2020

Outstanding! I've reviewed before and commented how good the food was, and it still is. But tonight I've got to see how good their service and customer retention is too. On probably one of their busiest nights of the year they missed the naan bread off my order, the only time anything had ever been wrong. I managed to catch the driver who immediately called the restaurant and apologised. He passed me the phone and they promised to supply this within 10 to 15 minutes. True to their promise 10 minutes later the replacement arrived plus some extras that I absolutely did not expect! The guy in an apron delivering had clearly been sent out especially. Really went over and above, could not possibly have done more, I'd recommend them to anyone!

Sarah, 31 Dec 2019

Never disappointed

Tonia, 31 Dec 2019

Always excellent food and service. Highly recommended. Well done to all the staff for your efforts. Outstanding,

Lee, 31 Dec 2019

Very good.

Darren, 28 Dec 2019

Up the vale

Keagan, 27 Dec 2019

Up the vale

Keagan, 27 Dec 2019

Super food every time thanks

Phil, 26 Dec 2019


Nathan, 24 Dec 2019

Our favourite Indian takeaway. Amazing food.won't go anywhere else. 5*

Debra, 24 Dec 2019

Tasty food and fantastic delivery service on time. Highly recommended.

Philip, 23 Dec 2019

Fabulous. Best curry I have had in years. I’d forgotten what I was missing. I was getting my curries elsewhere. But never again. The jalfrezi I had was aromatic, and and full of flavour. Highly recommend Vale curries

Karen, 22 Dec 2019


Lee, 21 Dec 2019


Sharon, 21 Dec 2019

As always a high standard

Michelle, 21 Dec 2019

Best food around always hot and fresh

Nick, 21 Dec 2019

Absolutely amazingly perfect food!! Hot, on time and well packed! A** faultless!

Tom, 20 Dec 2019

Always great food

Simon, 20 Dec 2019

Best curry in town!!!

Amanda, 20 Dec 2019

Always good food

Alison Carr, 19 Dec 2019

Simply the best. Amazing food. No other takeaway comes close

Debra, 15 Dec 2019


Savani Humphreys, 14 Dec 2019


Savani Humphreys, 14 Dec 2019

Food always superb

Anthony, 14 Dec 2019

Always great food and polite staff.

Lee, 14 Dec 2019

Would be better if your delivery covered a bit wider area

Carl, 14 Dec 2019

Fantastic food every time everything is superb can't fault anything thanks

Phil, 14 Dec 2019

Always use vale curry house top quality fresh food and always piping hot

Nick, 13 Dec 2019

great place. lovely food. friendly staff.

Gareth, 13 Dec 2019

Very tasty!

Martin, 12 Dec 2019

Great food

Simon, 07 Dec 2019

Value for money

Lorraine, 06 Dec 2019

Great value for money

Lorraine, 06 Dec 2019

Superb as always! Best curry in town! Thanks guys!

Joe, 05 Dec 2019

Excellent as usual. The best in Stoke.

Mark, 04 Dec 2019

Excellent as ever the top curry house in stoke easily

Geoff, 30 Nov 2019

We found the Vale curry the best takeaway we'd had in several years. Service is friendly and excellent.

Kate, 30 Nov 2019

Very bland tasting food. Sorry to say a Asda or Sainsburys curry is tastier. We have been eating a regular takeaway's for over 35 years, oh dear where has the taste gone...!!

Nick, 29 Nov 2019

Always top quality food, we don't use anywhere else

Nick, 29 Nov 2019

Excellent service and food as always.

Philip, 29 Nov 2019

One of the nicest Indian meals I’ve had. Everything was very tasty and added bonus they deliver too

Clare, 24 Nov 2019

Always order currys from vale curry house lovely curry every time cooked to a high standard.

Kelly, 24 Nov 2019

Always delicious

Jenny, 23 Nov 2019


Russell, 23 Nov 2019

Lovely food. fast delivery

Tonia, 17 Nov 2019


Neyna, 16 Nov 2019

Best curry house in stoke

Dan, 16 Nov 2019

Always very good food

Shaun, 16 Nov 2019

Brilliant service, the best curry takeaway in S-O-T

Richard, 15 Nov 2019

Why is vape curry house not a Michelin star?? Best curry in the land.

Ash, 10 Nov 2019

Very good 10/10 from everybody

Neil, 09 Nov 2019


Kevin, 09 Nov 2019


Kevin, 09 Nov 2019

Food is always very tasty

Anthony, 09 Nov 2019

Great food, great service. We won't go anywhere else.

Jules, 07 Nov 2019

top of the bill squire

David, 06 Nov 2019

Excellent curry.

Gareth Evans, 03 Nov 2019

Top class takeaway food , there's no need to go anywhere else .

Philip, 03 Nov 2019

Always fantastic food couldn't be better

Phil, 02 Nov 2019

Great portions, really nice all round

Jessica, 01 Nov 2019

Do you actually ever look at the feedback?

Darren, 31 Oct 2019

  Reply : Hi. please see response below

Very nice but WAY TOO HOT!! I ordered mild not nuclear!!!

Darren, 31 Oct 2019

  Reply : Hi Darren. We tried phoning but there was no answer. Please check your email as we have sent a copy of your order. You ordered a Naga and the mild option was not selected (ordered online). Notwithstanding this we have emailed you with a resolution to compensate you as a gesture of goodwill. Best Wishes Abdul

Really nice tasting and I know tat dupiasa has a lot of onions but the curry you bought me tonight had a absolutely ridiculous amount and spoiled the meal ,

Geoff, 26 Oct 2019

  Reply : Hi Geoff This should not have happened and please accept our apologies. I have messaged you with a resolution to compensate you for the poor service on this occasion. Best Wishes Abdul

Excellent curry ,one of the nicest takeaway currys I have ever tasted .thanks

Geoff, 26 Oct 2019

I usually have a more spicy but not hot curry, so I thought I would try a different one. It was bloody fantastic!

Darren, 25 Oct 2019

Excellent food, service and well mannered delivery staff.

Philip, 24 Oct 2019

Superb food, bang on time and I will be ordering from you again. 5 stars

Darren, 23 Oct 2019


Scott, 19 Oct 2019

By mistake I ordered the same meal twice , the curry house called straight away and sorted it out with a refund , top marks for there honesty ,fantastic service and lovely food .many thanks Geoff D

Geoff, 19 Oct 2019

  Reply : you are very welcome

Lovely meal still got when it was delivered

Wendy, 18 Oct 2019

Lovely meal still got when it was delivered

Wendy, 18 Oct 2019

Delivered very quick. Lovely food.

Jane, 12 Oct 2019

A little hotter on balti sauce please .thanks

Malcolm, 06 Oct 2019

Fantastic food as always wont order from any other. Fast delivery aswell thanks a lot guys

Steph, 06 Oct 2019

Excellent service and a fantastic range of dishes that taste great.

Philip, 05 Oct 2019

Top quality food, love the tikka balti.

Robert, 05 Oct 2019

Kim, 05 Oct 2019

Fabulous food, awesome service, easy to order

Tracey, 05 Oct 2019

We were all impressed with the tasty, fabulous food that we had and the great choice of vegetarian dishes. We were even more impressed to see that there was very little plastic used in the packaging for our delivery. That definitely gets

Lee Lymer, 05 Oct 2019

  Reply : ??

Was lovely

Lily, 04 Oct 2019

We absolutely love are curry’s from vale curry highly recommend

Lorraine, 04 Oct 2019

Great food. Great Service. Fast Delivery.

Ethriel Or Matthew, 04 Oct 2019

Great curry - we won't eat anywhere else now!

Jules, 03 Oct 2019

fantastic flavours as usual

Haydn, 02 Oct 2019

lovely food

Tim, 29 Sep 2019

Lovely food and great staff. Thank you for your service

Halima, 27 Sep 2019

Brilliant curry house

Andy, 22 Sep 2019

Always great

Chantelle, 20 Sep 2019

Best curry in stoke

Kimberley, 15 Sep 2019

Absolutely gorgeous food and piping hot

Ro, 14 Sep 2019

Always use you guys for a curry absolutely excellent food

Adam, 14 Sep 2019

Fantastic curries every time thanks

Phil, 14 Sep 2019

Very nice

Richie, 08 Sep 2019

Beautiful food and worth the bit extra you pay in comparison to other take away's in our opinion, always arrives hot and well packed

Linda, 08 Sep 2019


Always good hot and tasty never had a bad curry

Stephen, 07 Sep 2019



Jacqueline, 05 Sep 2019

Usually amazing but tonight the curry was so hot it was inedible. Don't know what went wrong!

Aby Mason, 31 Aug 2019

Always spot on piping hot even tho over 3 mile delivery

Chris, 25 Aug 2019

Very fast delivery and amazing curry ... deffo order again

Safina, 25 Aug 2019

Spot on

Matt, 25 Aug 2019

Spot on

Matt, 25 Aug 2019

Always amazing

Mark, 17 Aug 2019

Best curry around

Matt, 17 Aug 2019

Always fantastic food everything brilliant thanks

Phil, 17 Aug 2019

every meal we have from Vale is spot on , hot , freshly prepared and really big portion sizes . Never go anywhere else

Emma, 17 Aug 2019

Lovely food bit expensive would be a good incentive to get money off codes with each order

Sharon, 16 Aug 2019

Very Nice

Danel, 14 Aug 2019

My favourite Indian take away!!

Greg, 11 Aug 2019

Fantastic food every time thanks

Phil, 10 Aug 2019

Always a great service and delicious food

Darryl, 10 Aug 2019

I'm 40 today, stick a candle in my curry! Best curry every! And I've tried hundreds!

Daniel, 09 Aug 2019

I'm 40 today, stick a candle in the curry! Best curry house, not just only in sot, but everywhere! Beautiful

Daniel, 09 Aug 2019

Been here a few times best Food in Stoke on Trent

Gary, 07 Aug 2019

excellent food, excellent service,well mannered delivery drivers

Philip, 04 Aug 2019

Lovely curry house

Leona, 04 Aug 2019

Nicest vegetable curry I've had in ages.

Laura, 31 Jul 2019

Best curry house in town

Kiron, 28 Jul 2019

sometimes there can be to much salt.

Debbie, 26 Jul 2019

Lovely food every time! Can't fault them!

Sarah, 25 Jul 2019

Beautiful meal as always, you guys never disappoint.

Dave, 21 Jul 2019


Billy, 21 Jul 2019

Fantastic curries every time thanks

Phil, 20 Jul 2019

Alway enjoyed my food from here

Anthony, 19 Jul 2019

You guys are awsome best place in stoke .ya hard work shows

Danielle, 19 Jul 2019

lovely meal delivered on time thank you

Clare, 13 Jul 2019

Excellent as always.

Trevor, 12 Jul 2019

Amazing Food Every Single Time. Absolutely love Vale

Jordan, 12 Jul 2019

Best curry takeaway by far !

Shaun, 11 Jul 2019

45 mins for delivery but freshly cooked

Karl, 07 Jul 2019

Great food& service

Michael, 06 Jul 2019

Excellent curries best take away in Stoke-on-Trent

Neil, 06 Jul 2019

just wonderful food and service

Bill, 30 Jun 2019

Think there should be discount scheme for regular customers of free delivery over say£20 orders or free starter also no free mint sauce with popadoms disappointing

Amanda, 29 Jun 2019

Wonderful all round service

Paul, 29 Jun 2019

Fantastic food every week brilliant superb best curries by a mile everything superb

Phil, 23 Jun 2019

Very enjoyabl. We will be re ordering again

Mick, 23 Jun 2019

Not had it tonight yet reviewing last time was very nice. Best takeaway curry for a long time

Danel, 22 Jun 2019

First time user - The curry was nice, but my Lord was it hot for a mild Rogan Josh lol! Any more spicy and I'd have been unable to eat it. Food was piping hot though, which you always want, and it arrived much more quickly than anticipated, so I'll definitely use again. But next time maybe I'll stick to a chicken korma ;-)

Tyler, 22 Jun 2019

Very Nice Restaurant quality

Steven, 21 Jun 2019

Brilliant food as always, super fast delivery too.

Frances, 15 Jun 2019

Best takeaway in stoke always a speedy service

Matt, 14 Jun 2019


Aaron, 08 Jun 2019

top of the bill

David, 07 Jun 2019

Best curry in Stoke on Trent!!!!!!

Rob, 01 Jun 2019

weve nearly always been very happy with the quality of food received from vale curry house. 1 of the best about

Jason, 01 Jun 2019

more times than not we have always been very happy with quality of food weve had from Vale Curry house and wed deffo recommend to anyone

Jason, 01 Jun 2019

Always fantastic food every time thanks

Phil, 01 Jun 2019

Excellent service and well mannered delivery staff

Philip, 30 May 2019

Maybe should be free delivery over 20.00

Sharon, 24 May 2019

the best curry in stoke, always fresh ingredients cooked perfectly every time. I order every week perfect ever time they obviously pride them selves on quality.

Tom, 23 May 2019

Absolutely the best around

Debra, 19 May 2019

Pre ordered, food arrived on time and was very tasty

Sam, 19 May 2019

wonderful service fantastic food.

Bill, 18 May 2019

  Reply : thank you for your feedback

After trying most takeaways in Stoke-on-Trent and Leek, this is by far the best. Excellent, service and lovely food.

Hayley, 18 May 2019

  Reply : excellent!

Exceptional service and food

Nigel, 17 May 2019

  Reply : thanks for taking the time to leave feedback

Fantastic food every time everything is superb

Phil, 16 May 2019

  Reply : thanks Phil

Lovely food

Emma, 11 May 2019

A other brilliant meal again thank you.

Brian, 09 May 2019

Tonight's meal was perfect. We really enjoyed everything and look forward to our next meal from vale curry house. Thank you

Julie, 06 May 2019

Best takeaway for a curry in stoke On trent

Shereen, 05 May 2019

  Reply : we can't disagree!!!

Lovely hot food and quick service good value.

Brian, 05 May 2019

The only curry house I choose in Stoke. Perfect every time.

Lewis, 04 May 2019

Always fantastic food the best curries by a mile

Phil, 04 May 2019

Never had a bad meal from here ..... quality

Darren, 04 May 2019

We would never normally have a curry from a curry house because my partner is so fussy, we have now ordered a few time from here and have thoroughly enjoyed it every time! Thank you!

Sarah, 03 May 2019

Excellent Curry House!

Gareth, 03 May 2019


Gareth, 03 May 2019

Very good food delivered on time, spot on

Nick, 27 Apr 2019

Favourite local curry house

Shaun, 27 Apr 2019

Wonderful service Excellent food

Bill, 26 Apr 2019

Beautiful meal, nice and hot on arrival. Thank you

Samantha, 25 Apr 2019

This is honestly the nicest takeaway curry I have ever experienced. Im Particulally funny with meat and it is always cooked to perfection, you get the quality of eating out at home. The Currys are nicely seasoned and not greesy! And I would highly reccomend. They take a tad longer to deliver and cost a little bit more but it's completely justified for the quality assurance. Fantastic:) I have ordered here 5 times as nowhere else beats it

Rosie, 24 Apr 2019

I love this place!! The best food we have had! Fantastic service and amazing value for money!

Daniel, 22 Apr 2019

Brilliant food

James, 20 Apr 2019

Brilliant food

James, 20 Apr 2019

Amazing food as always

Simon, 20 Apr 2019

Fantastic food and service

Paul, 13 Apr 2019

food is always good

Karen, 07 Apr 2019

Another delicious delivery, food was excellent and plentiful thanks again guys

Christine Clarkson, 06 Apr 2019


Amanda, 06 Apr 2019

Easy to order online and good description of dishes

Jill, 30 Mar 2019

Our friends who haven’t ordered from you before said it’s the best curry they’ve ever had!

Freya, 29 Mar 2019

Top curry

Mark, 29 Mar 2019

Always top quality and arrives hot

Kevin, 29 Mar 2019

Always lovely. And the Nan's are delicious

Danielle, 28 Mar 2019

Another fantastic meal! Thanks guys! :-)

Joe, 28 Mar 2019

Always amazing food top quality

Danny, 27 Mar 2019

Amazing tasting food

Andrew, 24 Mar 2019

Beautiful but please don’t forget the chutneys

Sharon, 23 Mar 2019

Wide range of dishes, very tastey also and excellent delivery service with well mannered staff.

Philip, 16 Mar 2019

Very nice food order from here alot for currys an wouldnt change a thing

Toni, 16 Mar 2019

The food is amazing. Never had a bad meal from here. Always have it delivered and it arrives when it says it will. Would not have a take away curry from anywhere else

Rose, 16 Mar 2019

The finest "take away" curry you can buy in Stoke. Restaurant quality meals to eat at home. Total quality

David, 16 Mar 2019

Excellent food and service

Mark, 09 Mar 2019

Always a really nice meal. Consistently good !!! Been a customer since they opened. Thanks

Paul, 09 Mar 2019

Worth waiting for as the best place to have a curry from!

Laura, 09 Mar 2019

Had problems placing the order using a card

David, 09 Mar 2019

Good meal

Kenneth, 08 Mar 2019

Overall very good.

Stuart, 08 Mar 2019

Foods always hot always gets here before it says on the internet

Kelvin, 07 Mar 2019

Always consistant

Craig, 02 Mar 2019

Excellent value for money and the food is amazing too

Lorraine, 23 Feb 2019

Lovely meal. Enjoyed by myself and husband. Shami kebabs are the best we've tasted

Tonia, 23 Feb 2019

Excellent food and well mannered delivery staff, as always.

Philip, 23 Feb 2019

the vindaloo was perfect thankyou

Sarah, 22 Feb 2019

Excellent quality everytime

Holly, 21 Feb 2019

Can never complain about the service its amazing. Food is the best in the area. Loving it every order well done lads

Chris, 17 Feb 2019

Love this curry house always nice food and lovely staff

Lucy, 16 Feb 2019

Very nice food enjoy every time

Paul, 15 Feb 2019

Fantastic food would recommend to anyone to try

Paul, 15 Feb 2019

First time using very quick delivery and will be using again

Melanie, 15 Feb 2019

I love Vale Curry’s. Quality & Service is always brilliant

Angela, 15 Feb 2019

Food spot on every time

Ryan, 14 Feb 2019

Fantastic takeaway staff are polite well mannered food lovely and tasty cooked well won’t go anywhere else for a curry

Jemma, 13 Feb 2019

Love the food!!


love this place best currys going 5 star


always fresh ingredients best curry in stoke, order every week never been disappointed


Excellent food and well mannered delivery driver.


Why am I being charged 2.50 when I live under 3 miles away


Great service as always


Very disappointing again, this is the third time on the brunch that you have messed up my order and not delivered what I asked for. Terrible. This is the last time I use you.


Brilliant as always!


Food spot on as always. Piping hot and food portions. Will always use for a curry.


V good


Says my food been delivered and I’m still waiting haha


The best Indian take away in Stoke-on-Trent if not Staffordshire, FACT!!


Always use Vale Curry. Best in stoke!


Great food and a great service.


Great food, great service.


Excellent lovely food.


Fantastic food! Great flavours and ready to be collected when they stated. Thank you once again for a fantastic curry!


Never had a bad meal from here keep it up


Never had a bad meal from here keep it up


Bang on


Absolutely superb

Rob Brennan,

I’ve recently moved to burslem and so happy that cake is now my local curry house. Best I’ve ever had in 30 years.


10% discount code NEWYEAR please amend price


Best takeaway curry in Stoke-on-Trent


Best takeaway curry in Stoke-on-Trent


Always a great friendly service and really tasty food


Not as nice as usual.

Sharon Mccormick,


Well good again.



Well good again.



Really good again. Lovely stuff!


Lovely Meal


Great food and great service


Nicest curry house in Stoke-on-Trent


Always a lovely curry from here never any complaints a little more expensive than other places but worth paying extra for a decent curry


weve never found any fault in any meal from here. Excellant meal and flavors


very nice as usual


the best curry house in Stoke-on-Trent - big portions and fresh food. You get what you pay for!!

Keith Clarke,

Add option to naan bread, I prefer a garlic and coriander


1 of the very best currys that my wife and i have had in a very long time. Good portion size and excellant flavors....Highly recommended


Very nice food


Always a lovely curry


Best curry house in stoke!!



I've been looking for a decent Indian takeaway since I moved to Kidsgrove. Now I've found one!


probably the best curry you could have in stoke on trent.


Food fantastic as usual but 20 min delay above the 45 min delivery time.


Favourite place to order curry


Never had a bad curry since this place opened. I'm proud that a local establishment can produce quality food and for it to be recognised nationally. Great work!




Amazing food


Won’t go anywhere else for a takeaway, spot on every time


Very good food and service


exellent food excellent service


Best curry in the area!!!


Excellent food, would highly recommend people trying this curry house!!


Very nice food. Really enjoyed every bite and not an ounce of grease


Fantastic food brilliant


Wow wow what a lovely meal we have received tonight. Great food, great service. I would highly recommend


best balti around by far


Excellent food and service


The best!!!


expensive for take out but you get for what you pay for here ,,,, the food is delious,,,, lots of flavour & arrives piping hot. Happy customer


Very nice as always and cant believe how quick it arrived i was messaging just to get an idea what time it would arrive as i had pre ordered before opening time and it was a surprise for the wife next Minuit the door bell rang only about 30 mins from ordering thank you guys excellent food and service.


fantastic food and brilliant service


Excellent curry best takeaway around the potteries


Excellent meal Best takeaway in stoke on Trent and Newcastle


Won't order from anywhere else but vale Curry... Beautiful food


Bang on as always


The online tracking system for us to see the progress of our order,doesn't work. It just sits on 'accepted'

Carly Simone,

Always an amazing curry.

Vicky Stanaway,

would have been better if some other veg used, ockra, cauliflower or broccoli head, chopped into florets.


Great food as always


Wow. New customers and will be returning for more! Food lovely and fresh, no excess oil, no excess water, lots of pieces of chicken and the sauce was thick and tasty. Can I just say your poppdoms are also lovely! Will definitely return.


Amazing food


Always hot and wonderful quality


best take away for a curry we have had never go some where else


Would be good to have free mint yoghurt


Best curry takeaway I have tried.wont go anywhere else


Always great tasting food, ready when they say and served by a friendly front of house


Food is exceptional, best curry in Stoke


Very good food and service.


All dishes lovely except byriani which tasted like packet rice!


It is easy to see why they win awards. easier to taste, the food was lovely


Delivered on time , hot, tasty ,what more do you need.


food and service very good


Food good,delivery quick, a little expensive but all in all very good


My go to curry house beautiful food fast service and good prices :)


Nicest curry house I've eaten from


Long wait tonight for delivery and chips were missed off the order


Lovely lovely food


Brilliant food lovely would recommend to anyone


Always great food


First time ordering from here...lovely food, on the dearer side for Indian food, but very good quality, so definately worth the extra £££. I won't use any other now :) The only fault was that they forgot my nan bread, I rang straight away and it was delvered 5 mins later. I can only assume they forgot to pack it with my order. Gave us free poppadoms and mango chutney. Overall I would recommend them.


Vale is our favourite curry house. The food is excellent and the service is second to none!


Fantastic food, fresh and full of flavour.


Best takeaway curry house I've ever had and that's me saying something because I'm so fussy


Food was later than the 35 mins (which I felt was unrealistic so no issue). Cheese Nan had garlic on. Asked for extra garlic on the Garlic Nan. Ruined the cheese nan for me


Really nice Curry ,I will definitely be ordering again. Would recommend you try the Saagwalla

Robert Hollyoak,

Awesome food everytime

John Evans,

Good quality food.very please


Delicious food


Good food, little expensive for a takeaway


food and service very good


Really easy to order

Darren Adams,

Highly satisfied. Would certainly buy again.

Jean Edwards,

great food delivered promptly


As always, excellent food.


Highly recommended Always a good service


Nice food


Enjoyed the food, and nice that the comments on strength of curry were taken into account. Food arrived piping hot.


One of the best curry houses in stoke on Trent. 5* shebang. Good quality and not some cheap tasteless stuff. Fresh, top quality food. 100% recommend


Excellent food and prompt delivery. We can highly recommend Vale Curry.


Excellent food, well priced and a speedy delivery. What more could you ask for?


Absolutely fantastic food!!!


Best curry in England! Nice one!


My favourite local curry takeaway


Best curry house in stoke :)


The best iv had


Best curry for miles around especially the achari


Always use vale since they have opened great quality



Thing it's bad how they charge 1.50 delivery charge littrally down the road


Always had a fantastic curry from vale and even though we live 3 miles away it's always piping hot food _ Thanks lads :))))))


Food is absolutely divine. Great taste, great service, great value. We don’t go anywhere else

Shelly ,

Excellent Food.




Best curry around here! always amazing!


Coming from a someone who appreciates a real, none fast food, curry, this is the best around bar none. Worth the extra cost no question. Mint sauce could be better though. It’s a small part of what you do, but a big part of what I enjoy, especially as the rest is so good. Glad your here.




Great friendly service and delicious food


Amazing meal. Gorgeous lamb. However I ordered a garlic nan and received a plain one


Superb all round


The order arrived in almost half the estimated time. Our main thought is that the sauce on the Garlic Mushrooms starter could be a bit thicker so as not to run off the mushrooms. Otherwise excellent service and good food


Always have beautiful currys from this place! Top prices and top food! Highly recommend!


Simply the best around, no one compares


Lovely curry house highly recommend


Great curry again, had lots from you including others in our family, always tip top. Well done guys and keep the great standards up. See you next weekend


Great way to order excellent food and have it ready for collection in a jiffy


Food not as good as normal. Wasn’t very warm and paneer was quite dry


Always good quality, good price, quick delivery, highly recommended


Great food, fast delivery. Only item I would improve is the chips. Hands down beat any other curry house who deliver.


Great food the best around


Lovely food


lovely food, cooked to perfection


No mint sauce with the chicken chat starter


Always lovely food and quick delivery:)


best curry in town excellent flavor hot hand burning nan bread delicious curry


The best curry’s from around stoke.


Very quick delivery and food was delicious


Food was lovely loads of meat wish u don't find u get very often from other places and food was delivered early which was great


This has to be the best place in Staffordshire to get a curry from. Staff are friendly when picking one up and the food is second to none.


Very Nice food as to be a treat for us bit pricey as most Indian take aways.


Perfect as always :-) Thank you


excellent food good service


I don't even need to wait for my food to be delivered. You're always amazing quality & taste!


Probably one of the best Indian takeaway we’ve had , food was delicious, , even though we live about 3 miles away , food arrived piping hot. Will definitely be ordering again.


Fabulous curries, best we have had in years. Polite staff and excellent service, plus clean shop, thanks guys, we'll be back

Wendy ,

Good service


Good service


The best curry around the stoke and Newcastle Area! Brilliant delivery times, polite staff and wonderful food! I never regret ordering.


Never ever had a bad experience. Food is always red hot and very tasty .


Always helpful and friendly


Absolutely delicious.


Always top draw service and quality food. No matter what you eat


Lovely food as always. Thanks


Excellent fresh food, great tasting, and great delivery time


Always great food and service


Our absolute favourite take away. Unfortunately the lamb was very tough and chewy tonight which unusual but spoilt our meal.


food and service always very good


going for second delivery as first one was best meal we have had delivered in 20 years.


Never had a bad meal off you yet and always prompt service.


Always great service, amazing food, we wouldn’t order from anywhere else!


Best curry around


Best curry I’ve had in ages


Delivered within the 45minute window. Tasted great! What more could you ask for??


Excellent food, quick delivery, value for money


Vale Curry House is always our first choice for a curry when we’re having a takeaway. We can not fault it!


Faultless. Put the oven on thinking it would be cold after the drive from burslem to Birches Head. No the food was piping hot and restaurant standard.


Lovely food great value for money speedy delivery can’t fault it would definitely be coming back for more


Lovely food. Great price.


First time I’ve ordered here. I’m 44 and started eating at kismet st 16 and tried mist in stoke but this is hands down best takeaway I’ve ever had. Kudos to you and thank you to my sister for recommending you.


Best curry house around


Spot on as always, 10/10! Never fails


food and service always very good


Lovely food every time


Excellent as always.


Always fantastic!


Very nice as normal


delicious food, delivered quickly. always look forward to ordering from here.


Very nice food


food and service always very good




The only fault we find is that online says 45mins to deliver but it never comes on time. Would be better to say a longer time and the food arrive sooner.. rather than making out like it's only gona take 45mins but in reality being an hour. Other than that we love vale curry house.. foods amazing..


extremely hard to place order very inconvenient and time consuming no way of recovering lost pass word will consider not using in the future as other site such as just eat offer much better user experience


Best curry house around


Really nice curry


Not the usal rubbish well cooked and can tell its fresh and good ingredients used


Really enjoyed our meals


Order from here every Saturday night. Tonight has been a real let down. Curry was watery as hell. Asked me my Madras hot and there was hardly any spice at all. Very disappointed as always order from here.


Lovely curry


very good food


top of the bill


Best curry house around. You must try the garlic chilli chicken


The best takeaway curry house in stoke on Trent


Very nice curry house mate best in stoke ......


Very nice food


Lovely curry Defo recommend


Very nice curry.


Great food, speedy friendly service


Awesome food love it never had a problem fantastic service


Always love having food from here. Really delicious!


So fresh and delicious, thanks guys xxxxxx


Fantastic meal again. Always is. Chicken chatt is just amazing. Tried mixed grill tonight for the 1st time. Lovely. Really tasty and fresh


Very helpful staff and service and food can not be faulted


Lovely hot food. Delivered promptly. Would highly reccomend ordering from Vale Curry house.


The only place we order from, lovely food, hot and quick delivery.



Took over an hour to arrive. Food is delicious! Great portion, great taste good quality... small naan tho


Excellent food, just a shame it's always late being delivered!!!


Gorgeous food as always, lovely treat to start the weekend


The best take away curry we have ever had not greasy or oily very traditional and tastes amazing we wouldn’t go anywhere else!




One of the nicest curry houses in stoke. Restaurant quality


The nicest takeaway around won't go anywhere else. Really delicious food.


always excellent


Amazing food, flavorful and always with great quality. Strongly recommended!


Beautiful !! Best curry house in stoke!! Order every week x


Food is always superb. The best Indian takeaway in Staffordshire by some way and believe me I've tried a lot of them. Keep up the good work gents


Great tasting hot & fresh food, good delivery time, only use this place now, tried to many and wasted £££s


always happy with the food and service


Best curry house in stoke by far,delicious food every time,thank you.


food and service always very good


First time I have use the vale curry house and I can say is wow wow wow amazing will defently be back


Excellent food as always!!


Another Excellent meal.


Delicious, as always!


Delivery seems to be taking longer than it ever used to and i dont like paying the extra delivery charge as when you first opened it never used to be that way! Food is always top notch though


It' not a good idea to have a delivery charge-many people like to tip the driver themselves, and what is the service charge for-nothing as far as I can see


Have been using here in the last 12 months regularly,never been disappointed.


Best curry takeaway


quick delivery!! food hot but tasteless!! we ordered a garlic nan they brought a different one it was awful it went in the bin!! wont order from here again,


god awful ordering system hope food is good, as it turned out food rated ok nothing more, I can't believe that you can't walk into the place and order food, I am assuming this is the case, as when I phoned to say i was having problems with the online system, could i order over the phone i was told "we don't have that facility" won't be calling again...


Amazing I wouldn't go anywhere else for a takeaway curry.


Amazing food I wouldn't go anywhere else for a takeaway curry.


Amazing food..wouldn't go anywhere else for a takeaway curry.


Excellent in everyway


We have just had a curry delivered may I say how lovely it was.It was lovely and fresh and hot.Thank you


Excellent food and service


Excellent as always. Fast delivery every time -


Tasty as always. Spot on


Excellent quality and full of flavour. Never had a bad one. Well done


Food was superb last time


Can’t beat it!


Rice beautiful Balti watery and tasteless


Excellent as always


food and service always very good


Excellent take away as always hot tasty delivered quickly


not worth it




Excellent food all enjoyed


As per usual amazing food - our new go to place and all the family love it too. Everything we have tried has been cooked to perfection. Highly Recommend!


never had a bad meal always arrives early and piping hot